My Honest Review Of Wealthy Affiliate

Hi, I just wanted to give my honest review of Weathy Affiliate. I have tried for years to figure out SEO and try to make sense of it.

I had gotten some idea how to use keywords (not) that worked. I was struggling on my own, learning what I could through google.

There is more to learning SEO than I could understand. I tried to find courses to teach me how to effectively use it to help me with ranking my sites.

The courses I found were to expensive and I could not afford them, so me being me, I knew I could do it myself – WRONG.

I had created two websites myself and found affiliate links to put on those sites. Alright!! Now I will make money online – WRONG AGAIN. It takes more than just a website and affiliate links, you need traffic to those sites.

I did go the route of using google ads, but that got expensive and I was still not seeing any results and couldn’t keep advertising that way. Wasn’t very profitable!!

My two sites have been live for 2 years with very little traffic, probably from Facebook adds – which also cost money. I really want to make my sites to work creating some income online.

I will be retiring in about 4 yrs and want an income working from home to help with any financial needs that may occur have retiring. I can travel and still have this online business that can go with me. So again I started looking for help with SEO and building traffic for my sites.

I came across a site that really enticed me, but they would not tell you what the cost was (BIG FLAG). You had to call them to set an appointment and talk to their coach, or what I would call a high pitch salesman, which I wanted nothing to do with. But I still liked the concept of what they did, so started to research them.

I was doing a research on them and found out their training was $5 to $7 thousand for their course. Out of my price range! but the review felt they were legitimate.

Even though the review was good, I could not justify 5-7K for the course. There was no guarantee that I would succeed, but there is never any guarantees in life – you have to work hard to succeed, and sometimes you just fail. I couldn’t risk the money.

I kept going through the review and they recommended Wealthy Affiliate – of course I was skeptical and had to research them. I found both good and bad reviews, I sorted through the reviews and felt comfortable with Wealthy Affiliate. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and check out their program.

Free sounded good, so I did join to see what it had to offer. Wealthy Affiliate gave me the insight for SEO (YEA) they explained how it works to create traffic, free, to my websites. This program is free forever if you choose to keep it that way, but there are more advantages to going premium.

I did choose to go premium because they gave me the opportunity to use their knowledge for free – something you do not find with many companies. My experience with WA is that they are very honest and the people within WA are very helpful.

I do not have to promote WA to be a member and I can take my knowledge to my own websites to build my business they way I want. If you are wanting to build a business online check out Wealthy Affiliate. You have nothing to lose.

I have seen very few bad reviews about WA and they are usually from competing sites. Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you, but it has been a great opportunity for me and my online business. There is no risk if you sign up for free and very little risk if you sign up as premium.

If you want to start or scale your online business, then you should join Wealthy Affiliate. I feel this is the best program for any online business.


  1. Excellent and informative post! I haven’t been in the online business world for long, but a lot of what kept me away were the guru websites and programs that weren’t upfront about costs, but seemed to promise the world.

    I had found out about WA and decided to give it a shot since it was free. So far I have had nothing but positive experiences with the training and community. Thanks for posting this, I think more people new to this world would really benefit from this information.

    1. Author

      Yes I agree with you about WA – the reason I joined is because of them being up front with the cost and not having to pay anything to check out what they had to offer. I felt that was worth joining. I feel Hopefully I can succeed with this community of people. Still struggling some though. But will get it done. Good luck and if you need comments on you posts – let me know. thanks

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